WINTER 2022/2023 Zone Pricing and Fuel Surcharge Rates


Concrete                            5 Sack         5.5 Sack         6 Sack          6.5 Sack         7 Sack

                         Per Yard                              $180           $185            $190             $195           $200                           


Distance                             Zone 1 (0-19 mi)                                                   Add $200 per truckload

                                            Zone 2 (19-24 mi)                                                  Add $300 per truckload

                                            Zone 3 (25-31 mi)                                      Add $400 per truckload

                                            Zone 4 (31-37 mi)                                      Add $600 per truckload

                                                                           Prices subject to change per occasional industry increases.


Terms and Conditions

Payment Card information required at the time of order scheduling and charged at the time of delivery.

    • Cancellation Fee = $200 per truckload
      • 1 Truck: if cancelled after 10:00 am 1 day prior to scheduled pour
      • 2+ Trucks: if cancelled after 2:00 pm 2 days prior to scheduled pour
    • Change Order Fee = $200 per additional truckload ordered AFTER:
      • 1 Truck: 10:00 am day prior
      • 2+ Trucks: 2:00 pm 2 days prior

     Note: NO GUARANTEE of additional truckloads and/or timing available after confirmation.

  • 10 minutes unloading time allotted per yard per truckload.
    • Truck Time Fee = $120 per hour charged in 15-minute increments.
      • (e.g. 12 yard order: 120 min included. 157 min total job time = 37 min overtime = 3 x 15 min = $90 Fee)
  • Additives (e.g. 100% hot water, accelerant, retardant, color, fiber, etc.) = additional cost.
  • Industry products (e.g. plastic, expansion joint, etc.) = additional cost.
  • Short-Load Fee = $50 per yard less than 5 total yards (e.g. 3 yard order: 5 – 3 = 2 x $50 = $100 Short-Load Fee)
  • Fuel Surcharge = $100 per truckload
  • Color Rinse Fee = $200 per truck
  • Returned Concrete = $65 per yard 

*Tax Added to Final Price if No Reseller Permit *

Note: We must have a physical or digital copy of a current Reseller Permit at the time of delivery. No exceptions!

 Discounts Available! Ask about how to qualify for our Peak Partner Program!

  Representations and Disclaimer – Waiver 

  1. Seller is not liable for the finish work on concrete. The finish work is a separate transaction between the property owner and the finishing contractor. If the property owner chooses to do the finish work themselves than the condition of the finish is solely their responsibility. 
  2. Seller shall not be liable for the condition of the concrete if additional water is added. 
  3. Seller shall not be held liable for condition of concrete should there be found to be issues unbeknownst to them from the source of purchase. 
  4. Seller shall not be held liable for any damage done to shrubbery, flowers, city or private curb sidewalks, public or roadway, existing driveways, power or utility overhead lines, or any private property structures in the delivery of this material. 
  5. If the Mountain Strong Concrete, Inc trucks shall become immobilized due to terrain conditions during the delivery of this material, property owner or finishing contractor shall pay all towing charges incurred in the removal of said truck. 
  6. All disclaimers and waivers apply to leaser companies hauling concrete on Mountain Strong Concrete, Inc’s behalf. 



  1. Please note that freshly mixed concrete, cement, mortar, shotcrete, pervious or grout may cause skin injury. Avoid contact with skin where possible and wash exposed areas promptly with water. If any cement product gets into the eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and seek medical attention promptly. 
  2. Please keep cement mixtures out of reach of children. 
  3. Please keep concrete from freezing and protect from adverse weather conditions at all times. 

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