2021 Zone Pricing and Fuel Surcharge Rates

Distance * 5 Sack 5.5 Sack 6 Sack Fuel
0-25 Miles $149 $152 $155 $40
25-35 Miles $159 $162 $165 $40
36+ Miles Add $250 Delivery Charge per Load

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Call Jay to schedule a pour!
Call Jay to schedule a pour!

(Bounced Check is $50 fee)

  • Distance is calculated from 172 8th St E in Sumner, WA. Mileage is calculated on major arterials/truck routes.
  • Prices include $5 environmental surcharge. Additives (i.e. calcium, delvo, etc.) and industry products (i.e. plastic, expansion joint, etc.) are additional.
  • Short-Load fee of $30 per yard assessed for every yard less than 8. (i.e. 6yard order. 8-6=2 2 x $30 = $60 Short-Load)
  • You are allowed 10 minutes unloading time for every yard per truck. After that, overtime will be charged at $120/hr in 15 minute increments.
  • Plant fees assessed; Color Rinse $125 per truck. Returned Concrete = $50 per yard after 2 yards.
  • Add Tax to Final Price if No Resellers Permit * Note: We must have a physical or digital copy of a current resellers permit at the time of delivery. No tax deduction with the resellers permit to be sent at a later time.

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